Hinds Cooperating Parish

St. Lukes Church, built in 1908, is situated in David Street, Hinds, and is the main Church of our Parish. St Lukes is a very tranquil place, set back from the road, with a grand old oak tree offering shade from the summer sun. 

As a Co-operating Parish, we work under the umbrella of both the Anglican and Presbyterian Churches.

A service is held in the Parish every Sunday morning at 10am
(June and July 10.30am)

Services are mainly at St Lukes Hinds, but we have four other preaching places: Longbeach Chapel, Windermere Church, Lowcliffe Chapel and Ealing Church. We are now working towards becoming a Locally Provided Ministry Parish.

We are the only Church left in the Hinds area, the Catholic and Methodist having both been closed. We welcome parishioners from many different Christian backgrounds. We aim to be a Community Church spreading the word in our community, by working to bring the people of our area together.

A popular Womens Dinner Club meets bi-monthly. We also have religion in schools and a Prayer Group in the Parish.

For further information contact:
Mrs N Clarke. Parish Council Chairperson 03 307 1379.


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